Pre Inspection Agreement

Pre inspection Agreement

Pre inspection Agreement / Receipt:

An inspectors legal protection. It is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Home Inspection reporting program. It is Dynamic, fillable and can be printed out to sign. Its customizable, the pre-written content can be edited in case you want to make any changes, add, remove or even create your own and can be saved for later use.

Home Inspection Report Form pro is only for Creating Home Inspection report, no built in Pre inspection Agreement/contract/receipt.
I usually print out two copy of Pre inspection Agreement/contract/receipt and bring it with me on the job site and have one copy Sign by the client for me to keep and other one for their copy. its not recommended to digitized that to include on the report for they have to actually sign it in person. I did considered adding/incorporate that feature on the reporting program as a receipt but I figure that is not necessary since you already hand the client the Pre inspection agreement/contract/receipt at time of inspection.
I just get the signed pre inspection agreement before I start the work and then email them the PDF report afterwards and that’s it, simple as that.

There are two kinds of pre inspection agreement I use, You will receive both, The one for a House and the other for a Condo, for Condo you don’t check the common area like roof, sidings, crawlspace etc.
its a fillable PDF form, whenever I have a job, I fill it up first with the information I got on hand then print it out before going to the job-site and make the client fill out the rest like email address where the inspection report is going to be sent and the rest of their info and payment etc then have them sign it and then I give them their copy with my signature (inspector signature). I use a carbon paper in between two copies, saves you time to rewrite. you can buy carbon paper in any office supply store.
You can insert your own company logo in the  pre inspection agreement and your own company info.